Online order processing for fish and seafood wholesalers

The online fish and seafood wholesale order processing system allows to process real market deals online and significantly increase the efficiency of operations previously done by phone and XLS. The flow is flexible and can be set up for each fish and seafood supplier and buyer in the way they get used to do it inside their companies before today.

Let's pick some example
  • Fish and seafood buyer places the order online using our B2B focused marketplace solution with the status is NEW
  • YORSO sends notifications to manager on the wholesaler side
  • Manager of the supplier approves the order or refuses it. On approve - the price is set up, YORSO send message to the fish and seafood buyer. Status is changed to “APPROVED” or “REFUSED”. YORSO pushes the order directly to ERP and it is created automatically inside the common working space of each company.
  • YORSO sends notification about the order to all roles involved for the order: production, quality department, accountants, sales and purchase managers, lawyers, owners. Each role has access to only what is needed right now and the system does suggestions on what to do next
  • When people from production take the order into the process orders goes to “IN PRODUCTION”, the client gets notification about it. When production is ready people from production mark as “DONE” and it goes to “IN QUALITY CONTROL”. People from quality control receive notifications.
  • On next status wholesale manager attaches the label to the order and it goes to status “LABEL CONTROL”. The buyer gets notification and MUST to approve or REFUSE. Next status - LABEL APPROVED: manager receives notification and needs the logistics to be done. If Incoterms are EXW or FOB - just waiting for the truck.
  • The tender for logistics is created. The YORSO creates auction for transport companies and they compete to deliver this order according to its unique specifics. Next status is “TENDER FOR LOGISTICS” or “WAITING FOR LOGISTICS”. Then order is delivered and finally completed.
  • After order is finished the sales manager knows when to contact again the customer for repeating order. The system notifies them in advance. In addition to it we can communicate with qualified lead more as we know more about him using internal Email marketing logic.
What is gives to fish and seafood wholesale companies?
  • All people work in the same frontend workplace
  • Fish and seafood specific document exchange and negotiation is included
  • Different people with different roles have access to only what they have access to: no more dozens of XLS, Emails and file storage needed!
  • Fish and seafood buyer and supplier both know what is going on with the order in any period of time without any need to communicate by phone if everything is alright
  • Everything is in sync with fish and seafood ERP
  • All attached files can be put into separate folder and shared via dropbox with needed people / clients

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