Online marketing and promotions tools for fish and seafood wholesalers

For business companies are increasingly using the Internet for internal corporate work coordination, data collection from remote offices and internal correspondence of companies.

On the other hand, increasingly each of us uses the Internet to search for information, product reviews. This practice is brought by young employees and middle-aged people who are employees of large, medium and small enterprises and companies. In order to find a new supplier of fish and seafood, communications were previously developed over the years and transmitted through advertising in the media or personal recommendations.

The principles of the B2B market of fish and seafood virtually unchanged over the past 30 years. Many companies continue to use the telephone and address book to maintain a directory of customers or Excel spreadsheet with contact information. What is starting to change? To search for contacts of companies of the desired profile, it is now enough to set a search query on the Internet and select your favorite company for further work. The Internet allows you to see reviews, photos, videos of products sold by a wholesaler of fish and seafood online. Increasingly, you can hear the opinion that if a company is not on the Internet, then it is not in a real business. If the company does not have representation on the Internet, then the level of trust in it is lower than that of competitors with the site.

To make manufacturers' products easier to find on the Internet, YORSO uses search engine optimization to promote each product separately in the search engines Google, Yandex, Baidu. The promotion of each product individually allows you to promote all the fish and seafood products online at the same time without exception, increasing the chance of finding a product by a potential buyer. To this end, we also implemented integration with key social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, and Messengers: Telegram, WhatsApp. In some cases and scenarios, focal systems of email marketing and subscriptions are actively used.

At the beginning of the two thousandth, bulletin boards appeared that solved only the narrow task of connecting the client and buyer without additional service. That is, they were a passive sales tool for fish and seafood. There are other disadvantages.
  • There is no actual information about the presence or absence of goods, prices, specifications
  • If the item is out of stock, then it is unknown when it will appear
  • There is no guarantee on the quality of the supplied fish or seafood
YORSO solves the problem, providing a fine-tuned online sales tool for the wholesale fish and seafood market

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