Online document exchange for fish and seafood wholesalers

Before the original document gets to the customer in the fish and seafood market, it can wait for an “adventure” at different stages of delivery.         Preparation of documents for the goods and control of their correctness to fill in for the import of products is one of the most important tasks of the importing company.

This leads to idle containers, additional veterinary research and ultimately to the loss of the importer company.         Coordination of documents is an important and priority task for Suppliers and Buyers in the fish and seafood market.         Each country or group of countries approves the forms of documents for importing products into its territory.

The most important documents of international fish and seafood wholesale trade are:
  • Proforma-invoice
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Veterinary certificate
  • Certificate of original (Form A)
  • Some countries need a Quality Certificate
YORSO uses the developed mechanism for online coordination, versioning, storage of approved draft documents and copies of originals, after being provided by a supplier of fish and seafood. Thanks to the joint work of the company's departments with documents, 15–25% saves time coordination, eliminates sending documents to each other, reduces the number of misunderstandings and stress among employees

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