Mobile App for B2B fish and seafood online wholesale trading

In the mobile-first world we want to provide the best buying and selling experience for fish and seafood wholesale companies and here the one scenario is described for the Mercabarna fresh fish and seafood market
First step - fish and seafood supplier brings product online and provides description with images.
  • Before the working day all data about stock and prices exists inside the wholesaler ERP and is synchronized with Yorso mobile APP.
  • Then fish and seafood seller must provide real images of the fresh fish. It is important that buyers will deal only with currently made photos but not taken from the online sources
  • During the final step the product is placed and ready to be found and ordered by fish and seafood buyers
The second step - fish and seafood buyers can Yorso mobile APP to place orders online.
  • Clients see which suppliers exist on the local market today
  • Buyer chooses needed fish and seafood species and puts them inside the shopping cart
  • After review the order is placed and is waiting to be ready by fish and seafood supplier
The third step - fish and seafood supplier approves the order
  • YORSO sends push notification on each wholesale order put online
  • Fish and seafood wholesaler approves or declines the order
  • Supplier makes the order ready for delivery and self pick-up by the buyer
The final scenario - face to face sales between fish and seafood wholesale companies
  • Buyer and supplier of fish and seafood meet in person on the fish market
  • YORSO allows to scan client ID of the buyer and check its credit score taken from fish market system
  • Supplier adds items to the order and buyer pays for the order in place

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