Make your customer promoting your fish and seafood species

The main idea here is to make your client telling and spreading the word about fish and seafood supplier service and recommend to others to work with such company

How YORSO can help here?
  • The new level of user experience, analytic tools, control, status notifications can bring absolutely disruptive level of experience for the client - fish and seafood buyers
  • We can collect feedback, get interviews from clients and it can significantly increase their loyalty as an expert making him famous inside the platform
  • Tell the world about different companies and write stories: how we started work together and how the client experience improved during the long period of time
We believe in YORSO that highly automated service and support is a MUST to survive in the fish and seafood wholesale industry. And finally when EACH survived company will have great service the quality of the product will make sense

Anything else YORSO does?
  • A lot of analytics collected: leads funnels, conversion rates, time to process each fish and seafood order, bottlenecks, etc. Automating the full sales cycle we know how to provide high level of digitalization for metrics-driven decisions
  • Integration with insurance and finance companies: scoring and factoring for clients “in place”, rating system, automatic understanding about client “dead” emails to be able to work simultaneously with the enormous amount of fish and seafood buyers
  • We respect privacy and non-disclosure of information: all supplier databases inside CRM are isolated and non-shared. With additional payment plans they might be even encrypted and moved to fish and seafood supplier premises.

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