Qualify fish and seafood wholesalers

We know how to contact a person from wholesale fish and seafood company so we must identify several basic things and qualify the lead for further work

  • Does the company work in the wholesale fish and seafood industry?
  • Does the company work with supplier nomenclature and fish and seafood species?
  • Does the wholesale buyer consumes enough volumes and is a part of interest of the supplier?
  • Is the logistics possible to the specified place of seafood buyer?

After this initial identification we have to get in touch with commercial offer and see if the client is really interested, i.e. - qualify or disqualify him. It is done usually by cold email and follow up cold call.

The output of this stage is the lead with the following data:
  • Confirmation about all initial information (fish and seafood profile, species, logistics, volumes)
  • “Interested / not interested at all / not interested now” state for the client
  • In case of “Not interested now” we have to return back to him in some period of time
  • In case of “Not interested at all” we still have to return back since the client can be qualified to buy later
How YORSO can help here?

We have own profile system and Email marketing tools which helps to do the following:
  • Fill business related profile for the client. What are his basis places (country, region, city/port)? What are the incoterms conditions?
  • What fish and seafood species is he interested in? What types of the product: frozen, fresh, salted, smoked, etc. What volumes is he buying? What certificates are needed?
  • We automate focused Email marketing campaigns sending special commercial offers depending on fish and seafood buyer. In this case potential client gets only species he is interested in with needed volumes and pre-negotiated basis of delivery according to Incoterms
  • We also provide ways to integrate with existing ERP platform of fish and seafood supplier: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, LIBRA (Edisa), etc. for customer synchronization. The integration with other CRM and Email marketing systems is also supported

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