Online B2B fish and seafood wholesale marketplace

Online B2B fish and seafood wholesale marketplace is one of the key part of trading platform YORSO - managed supply chain for seafood industry. Strict market focus allows us to have a whole set of advantages compared to general marketplaces. YORSO includes but not limited to the following:
  • We speak the same professional language with the other fish and seafood wholesalers and use the correct terminology. Marketplace YORSO can work with technical sheet applied specifically to the fish and seafood industry and is built in compliance with EU, US, FDA, FAO, China and CIS regulation for products marketing
  • Online platform YORSO includes correct and full reference of fish and seafood species used for international cross-border wholesale trading
  • Fish and seafood wholesale B2B marketplace is designed to work correctly with basis places according to the Incoterms 2010 standard. It drives logistician rules for each specific order and is widely used in the industry and our built in logistics tenders. The seafood prices on YORSO are more often shown based on EXW and FOB rules but may also include CFR in case if the supplier knows the rates to main directions. In any case each buyer can additionally request for delivery rates from YORSO logistics managers through any contacts or online chat
  • The product price varies and depends not only on Incoterms basis but also on volumes and specifications such as, for instance, the size range. All fish and seafood items in addition to unit price always include the price per kilogram for the buyer convenience. In some cases the price may be negotiable and heavily depends on wholesale fish market conditions (bid and ask). In such situations we always allow for direct communication with the supplier to get the understanding on current prices and delivery terms
  • The technical sheet includes major specification characteristics of fish and seafood which are widely used today in the wholesale industry. In includes commercial designation and latin or scientific species name, size range, weight, nutrition facts, FAO code, catching method, fishing area, fishing gear, production and caught date, presentation mode and treatment, conservation, ingredients, intrastat code, certification, production and cut type for both frozen and fresh fish and seafood
  • For the convenience of the supplier and the buyer, each card contains the date of its last update, the number of views with analytics by countries and cities with the ability to communicate with the buyer, as well as information on transactions already completed when supplying fish and seafood, including geography and volumes
  • Additionally, product cards contain real images, videos, and certificates for the products being sold, and all suppliers undergo additional quality check before they become eligible to place their products with us
  • The search mechanism on the site allows you to quickly and easily find the necessary fish and seafood by any keyword: part of the technical specification, commercial or Latin name, supplier name, country of production or fishing area
  • YORSO B2B fish and seafood marketplace is able to work with large containerized international import and export shipments of frozen fish products between fishermen and producers, as well as small and medium wholesale for trading fresh fish and seafood using online auctions and fish mobile app for distributors to supply to restaurants and hotels (HoReCa)
  • YORSO supports several key languages at once, so the supplier’s products can be exported to other international markets and remain available to customers
  • Our marketplace is technically properly configured and optimized for the convenience of search engines (SEO optimization), which guarantees the attraction of additional traffic to products with low-frequency queries. In addition to organic traffic, the YORSO system is complemented by marketing tools that include specialized Email marketing, works with key social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, VKontakte) and referral links for promotion through partner networks
  • The marketplace YORSO automatically promotes each product separately, and the ranking is directly related to the relevance of the information on the product page and to the commercial history, quality and reliability of the supplier Data on stocks and prices of fish and seafood can be synchronized with ERP manufacturers, such as LIBRA (Edisa), SAP, Microsoft or any other, thanks to the API provided by the platform

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