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South Seafoods
For more than 33 years we have grown on our business of the production and marketing seafood products. Having covered most of the steps that comprise this business, investing our own capital to equip fishing vessels to let us produce by ourselves, on the purchase of raw material from our suppliers, and on our processing plants. The fisheries resources have changed due to different reasons (world climate among them), and the seafood business has changed accordingly. Not to be unrelated to these changes, we have changed our business to adapt it to the new conditions and we continue evolving trying to foresee the changes that future will bring. Today we focus more ourselves to produce directly in different countries, with our suppliers in a balanced relationship based on sharing risks and profits on production and processing of our seafood products, ensuring our customers the purchases that they make to our company. We also focus more ourselves to develop the marketing of new species that are already present in our workplaces, enabling them meet the demands of new customers in new markets and giving as well also the opportunity to our customers to add new species to their existing products. In this way our supply sources are growing in number and variety, as new suppliers come to be part of our structure, meantime sales increase proportionally. More companies in the world have found on our company the solution for their purchase of seafood products, being vertically integrated to the raw material sources, and knowing that our presence is focused on each stage of production and marketing, making successful the business operations.
Dana F. Besecker Company, Inc.
The family business Dana F. Besecker has existed since 1989. Two offices are located in Washington and one in Alaska. Dana F. Besecker is a wholesaler of fish and seafood. The company sells products in 38 countries, including the United States, Canada and Japan.

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