About supplier

Taizhou Huatong Aquatic Products co., Ltd was founded in 2002. The company is engaged in the production and export of fish and seafood. The head office is located in Taizhou, China. The total area of the company's premises is 18,000 square meters, and the company's cold storage facilities hold 7,000 tons of products.

Products are exported to Japan, Korea, the EU, the USA, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and other countries.

Fish and seafood species

Basically, fish and seafood from Taizhou Huatong Aquatic Products co., Ltd are caught in the East China Sea. The company delivers whole fish, carcass and fillets of Spanish mackerel, Pacific mackerel, Horse mackerel, Gray Mullets, Bonito, Silver Pomfret, Sardine, Ribbonfish, Monkfish, Eel, Squid, Squid tubes, Squid Ring, Vannamei shrimp and so on.
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