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We,Silver Seafood Introduce ourselves as one of the leading Seafood
Processors & Exporters of Fresh / Frozen / Live & Salted Seafood
Products from Pakistan.
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Fish and seafood species

We are Processing the following Products please follows:

Frozen Fishes
Sole Fish,Thread fin bream(Whole & HGT), White Shrimp,Pink Shrimp,Brown Shrimp,Karikadi,Pud,Pnd,
Leather jacket, Ribbon fish,Cuttle fish,Squid,Octopus,Reef Cod,Lizard fish,Horse Mackerel,Sting ray,
Indian Mackerel,Sardine,Mullet,Cat Fish,Conger eel,Skip Jack Tuna,Long tail Tuna,
Yellow fin Tuna,Jelly fish.Blue Swimming crab,Three Spotted Crab,

Frozen & Live Sea Shell
Live Lobster,Live Top Shell,Babylonia Spirata,Baigai,Sea Snail,Bloody Clam,Razor clam,Bamboo Clam,
Solen Grandis,Oyster,Hard Clam,Green Mussel,Fan Shell.Baby clam,Yellow Clam,

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