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About supplier

PIFarms Limited started in 2008 with its first stock of 400 pieces of juvenile, as an effort by Pastor Bolaji Ige to express his faith in God. Since then the farm, specialising in grow out, has grown to a capacity of having over 50,000 fish at every one time. The fish are stocked in batches at regular intervals. This makes it possible to have various sizes of fish available for the market. In 2013 the farm went into value addition by smoking catfish and in 2014 started freezing catfish for the local market.

The farm is in partnership with the Federal Department of Fisheries, Abuja as a Fish Farm Estate in the North Central Zone of Nigeria. The MD/CEO of the company was selected as one of the pioneers of the Nagropreneurs initiative of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. PIFarms, governed by a board of four (4) directors, is registered as a limited company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. The farm, which has trained, and still trains, young entrepreneurs has an annual production capacity of 200 tonnes of fresh catfish.
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Fish and seafood species

We culture catfish specializing in Clarias genus. This particular breed of catfish has four pairs of whiskers around its mouth which helps to detect and taste food. The body, which is cylindrical, is sensitive to touch and taste and has flat bony head with small eyes. Clarias are bottom feeders and are fed with specially formulated feed. The feed consists of a combination of grains, micro nutrients, fish and fish oil. This combination considers proper balancing of protein and carbohydrate levels; making it possible for the fish to use the feed efficiently.

Though Clarias require about six months to grow from fry to table size, that is an average of 1kg body weight, we are able to grow them in four months by getting juvenile fish from standard hatcheries. Our fish is raised under conducive and healthy environment. We then sell to the open market, hotels, restaurants, and bulk buyers. Our customer base extends to Abuja, Ibadan and Lagos.

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