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About supplier

TPRK company is engaged in processing and sale of fish and seafood. The company cooperates with Russian and foreign fishing companies. Production of TPRK is located in the city of Dzerzhinskiy, Moscow region. The company manufactures fillets and packs finished products, the refrigeration complex stores up to 2000 tons of products. The company has its own park of 15 refrigerated trucks.

In the range of the company more than 100 items of goods. The key clients of the company are HoReCa companies.
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Fish and seafood species

TPRK processes sells fresh and frozen fish, seafood, caviar. Raw materials of which are made fillets: salmon, butterfish, salmon, tilapia, cod, tuna, eel, trout. Also in the company's assortment: dorada, sea bass, trout, salmon, shrimp, mussels, flying fish roe.

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