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Omega Azul produces the yellowtail species Seriola rivoliana through closed lifecycle aquaculture utilizing its own hatchery facility and ocean concessions. The Company has spent over 15 years mastering the production of its fish and is committed to producing an ultra-premium product while also operating in an ecologically sustainable manner. Omega Azul ensures that its fish have room to roam and are fed the highest quality feeds. The Company believes that sustainably managed closed lifecycle aquaculture has the potential to reduce the overexploitation of the world's oceans while also having the potential to solve the growing protein gap.

The Head Office, Hatchery, and Ocean Farm are all located in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Omega Azul sells its product domestically in Mexico and also exports to the USA and Canada.
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Fish and seafood species

Omega Azul Seafood is a producer of sustainable Seriola rivoliana, also known as Amberjack or Kanpachi. Omega Azul produces its Seriola rivoliana under the brand name Baja Kanpachi. Baja Kanpachi is a premium sashimi grade fish that is raised in the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.

Baja Kanpachi is available year-round and is sustainably produced from egg using closed lifecycle aquaculture. Omega Azul only uses premium quality feed that allows Baja Kanpachi to have premium quality as shown by high fat and omega 3 content.

The flesh is firm, rich, and buttery with a flavor described as a cross between Black Cod and Yellowfin. Due to its robust nature, Baja Kanpachi can be used in virtually any whitefish dish and is very easy to work with.

These same characteristics make Baja Kanpachi ideal for sushi and sashimi: a delicious stand-alone flavor and a texture that simultaneously melts in your mouth while still keeping its overall form.

Mexican farm-raised Seriola rivoliana is a Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Good Alternative.

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