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Newsan is a group of companies in Argentina, represented in many business areas. In 2012, a division of Newsan Food was opened, one of the areas of which is the development of the fishing industry. Mining and processing is carried out in the Patagonia region, where there are 10 plants of the company.

Now Newsan Food is the main exporter of fish in Argentina. Products are sold in more than 65 countries, including China, Japan, Russia, Spain, USA, France, Italy and Israel.
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Fish and seafood species

Newsan Food specializes in the production of: Shrimp (Pleoticus Muelleri), Hake (Merluccius Hubbsi), Squid (Illex Spp), Toothfish, Hoki. Also at the plants of the company they process Kingklip, Patagonian Cod, Granadier, Hake Austral, Notothenia, Flatfish, Southern Blue Whiting, Fishmeal (made of white fish), Savorin, Pampanito.

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