In business since 1995
Our offices are located on the Isla Cristina fish market (Huelva), one of the main fishing ports worldwide, from where we access the auction of the best fish and seafood from the Gulf of Cadiz and other fish markets in Portugal every day. Our extensive experience allows us to present the highest quality and regularity in the supply of the best fish and shellfish on the coast. The absence of intermediaries in the purchasing and distribution process means that we can offer them at the best price. We actively collaborate with other companies in our group that are located in other Andalusian ports, such as Cadiz or Ayamonte, and in the main ports of our neighboring country Portugal. As a result of this collaboration, we can source the best products that the sea offers us, distributing them directly to our clients, hotels and restaurants throughout Spain. We also have a wide network of international collaborators spread over different parts of Europe, America and Asia, even having relationships with the United Arab Emirates. This allows us to be able to supply ourselves with all that product demanded by hotels and restaurants that are in the markets of these countries. We are not only specialized in wild products, we have agreements with mollusk boats, which supply us with the best shells, razor clams, chirla, fine clams,…. Products highly demanded by some of our clients for their unbeatable value for money. We work every day to bring the best seafood products to catering professionals, so that they only worry about preparing them and offering their guests the most exquisite dishes with the maximum guarantee of quality.
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