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Холдинг ЭРАМ. Мы занимаемся морепродуктами 25 лет на рынке Ирана. Наша компания уже 5 лет зарегистрирована в России. Мы сами выращиваем и выловим с моря морепродукты, в том числе, форель, креветки, рыба-сабля, крокер, селены и др. Обеспечим в разных видах, замороженных, охлаждённых, филе, тушке, и т.д. На данный момент поставляем 10 контейнеров креветок Ваннами HOSO в разных размерах 50-60, 60-70, 70-80. У нас есть крупные клиенты на рынке Ирана и России, валюта оплаты в рублях, долларах США, евро, дирхам, риалах (в Иране). У нас есть склад в Москве, и наш груз будет на складе, чтобы наши клиенты могли рассмотреть качество товара.
Hana Seafood group
In business since 1995
Hana Seafood Trading is a young company working with an entrepreneurial spirit, respect and unity.
With managing a talented and experienced sales force and deploying wise strategies, we are committed to become the most efficient and recognized supplier of crab, shrimp, fish and other seafood species, fresh and frozen, with the highest quality within the Middle East.
sweet water kingdom
The sweet water kingdom is a family company which started by first rainbow trout aquaculture in 1996 . Since 1996 family professionally focused on development expansion . Right now on 2020 family owns 15 rainbow trout farms , 2 sturgeon aquaculture and 3 vannamie shrimp aquaculture which located all around Iran . From 1996 all our focus was on investing and researching on aquaculture science to improve our quality on this industry . On that way right now in 2020 two of our rainbow trout farms equipped with hatchery which working on producing rainbow trout X,X eyed eggs . In this professional we are the first Iranian farmer that can produce X,X eyed eggs out of spawning season. Our hatchery farms producing 100 millions X,X eyed eggs annually which supporting our owns farms plus 100 aquaculture in all around Iran. Since 2019 family by establishing SWEET WATER KINGDOM decided to enter into international markets. The sweet water kingdom is managing by the chairman Mohammad Amin Siyahmard .

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