About supplier

IE Shushunov Stanislav Sergeevich trades fish and seafood. Office and warehouse-refrigerator are located in the village Novopetrovskoye of Moscow Region. The company's clients are wholesalers and retailers of the Moscow Region, other regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

Fish and seafood species

IE Shushunov Stanislav Sergeevich sells live, fresh, frozen, salted, smoked and sun-dried fish, fillets and steaks from fish, seafood, canned fish, caviar.

The company's product portfolio includes: bream, perch, pike, trout, cod, silver carp, pike perch, catfish, salmon, herring, haddock, sturgeon, tench, mullet, asp, beluga, chum salmon, pink salmon, flounder, chinook salmon, hake, tuna, atka mackerel, horse mackerel, saury, blue whiting, peled, roach and others.
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