Gidney Fisheries Limited
In business since 1995
After settling on Digby Neck in the late 1700s, my father's grandfather, Sam Gidney, began to purchase lobsters in Mink Cove in Novia Scotia. As this was before the benefits of modern infrastructure, the lobsters he purchased from local fishermen were exported weekly to Boston via steamship, and from there made their way around the world. Since then we have continued to build up our reputation through four generations as experts in the lobster business. Today, Gidney Fisheries Limited continues to procure, select, process and deliver the best quality lobsters harvested from the rich fishing grounds of Bay of Fundy, Saint Mary's Bay and Southwestern Nova Scotia. While we have the benefit of advanced logistics to guarantee improved quality, we still operate in the same original way by buying our lobsters locally directly from fishermen, we grade by hand to meet the highest of standards and process them in our modern facilities. In addition to maintaining our positive reputation with customers worldwide, we are equally proud of the long-standing relationships we have cultivated with the lobster fishermen of the ports of Digby Neck. These relationships allow us to source a consistent supply of lobster from people who are passionate about fishing, who care about the quality and sustainability of their harvest and take pride in their work. As is the case with our own family, many of the families operating in this fishery are in their fourth generation. As we have depended on this fishery for more than 125 years, maintaining the community's health and sustainability is of paramount importance to us. It is on the basis of hard work, integrity, trust, and a devotion to quality seafood products that have brought us our long-term success.
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