About supplier

Forgreat engaged in wholesale and retail trade in fish and seafood. The office is located in Moscow. The company sells products of Russian manufacturers in the domestic market and exports them to the CIS countries. Also, Forgreat imports fish and seafood from manufacturers from China, Iceland, Chile and other countries.

Customers include wholesalers and retailers.
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Fish and seafood species

Forgreat sells different kinds of fish: frozen, dried, hot and cold smoked, salted and spiced salted, salted-dried, vacuum-packed, and also canned food, preserves, caviar, frozen seafood and seafood in brine.

Fish and seafood from the company's price list: saury, sardine, sardinella, trout, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon, sea bass, pollack, mackerel, herring, bream, pike perch, blue whiting, pike, squid, octopus, mussel, shrimp and etc.

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