About supplier

The Ecuadorian company Docapes (Pescados, Camarones y Mariscos S.A.) has been on the fish and seafood market since 1968. The processing plant is located in Salinas, Ecuador. Catch Area - FAO 87.

The company supplies products both under its own brand and under the trademarks of customers. Products are sold anywhere in the world, the order at all stages is monitored by company managers.

Fish and seafood species

Docapes sells the following types of fish and seafood: Big Eye Tuna, Bigeye Scad, Bighead Tile Fish, Blackfin Searobin, Brassy Grunt, Bullet Mackerel, Butterfish, Creolefish, Drum, Escolar, Gray Mullet, Hake, Leatherjacket, Mahi-Mahi, Mexican Barracuda, Mojarra, Ornamented Flying Fish, Pacific Bumper, Pacific Mackerel, Pacific Moonfish, Pacific Thread Herring, Ribbonfish, Splittalil Bass, Sword Fish, Trumpetfish, Unicorn Leatherjacket, Wahoo, Yellowfin Snook.
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