Frozen, Ecuador
1.4 / kg
135000 kg
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1.43 / kg
27000 kg
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1.44 / kg
27000 kg
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4.67 / kg
20000 kg
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About supplier

Cepromar S.A. Works since 1983. The head office and production are located in Ecuador, and there is also a branch in the United States. The company is engaged in the extraction, processing and export of fish and seafood.

The main markets are the USA, Europe, Russia and China. The company also exports its products to countries in Asia and Africa.

Cell phone number of official representative +79067268539 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

Fish and seafood species

Cepromar specializes in Tuna, Swordfish, Butterfish, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi. Types of cutting: whole, fillets, loin, steaks, saku. The main buyers of this product are restaurant business owners and supermarkets.

The company also exports Pacific Moonfish, South Pacific Hake, and Pacific Harvestfish.

Usually, products are delivered vacuum-packed in frozen form by container shipments, but fresh products can be delivered by air transport (for Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish, Pacifi Moonfish, South Pacific Hake, Mahi Mahi and others).
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