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In 1998 Andromeda S.A. was founded. Since then the company has turned into a fast-growing holding Andromeda Group. Now it includes Andromeda S.A., Acuicola Marina, Frescamar, Niordseas and Piscimar.

Headquartered in Athens, Greece, the other two offices are in Spain. The production is also located in Greece and Spain. The company's industry is aquaculture. The company has 2 fish farms to raise fry, 8 marine farms to grow fish, and 3 processing and packaging plants.

The company supplies its products throughout Europe and the United States.

Fish and seafood species

Products of Andromeda Group can be divided into three groups: fry, fresh whole fish and processed fish.

The name of the company is already strongly associated with the production of high-class fry. Part of the fry is used to grow its own fish, while the rest is sold to fish farms in Greece, Spain and other countries.

The second direction: sale of fresh whole fish. The company grows fish for which the Mediterranean is a natural habitat: Gilthead seabream, European seabass, Meagre, Sharpsnout seabream, Pargo bream.

The third direction: sale of processed fish both fresh and frozen (fillet, portions, gutted fish and so on).
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