Omega Azul Seafood
В бизнесе с 2000
Omega Azul produces the yellowtail species Seriola rivoliana through closed lifecycle aquaculture utilizing its own hatchery facility and ocean concessions. The Company has spent over 15 years mastering the production of its fish and is committed to producing an ultra-premium product while also operating in an ecologically sustainable manner. Omega Azul ensures that its fish have room to roam and are fed the highest quality feeds. The Company believes that sustainably managed closed lifecycle aquaculture has the potential to reduce the overexploitation of the world's oceans while also having the potential to solve the growing protein gap. The Head Office, Hatchery, and Ocean Farm are all located in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Omega Azul sells its product domestically in Mexico and also exports to the USA and Canada.
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