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В бизнесе с 1995 http://wa.me/4917665896090
Welcome to the world of fresh and high-quality fish products - from a reliable partner in the world of fishing and export. We have been successfully supplying high-quality fish and seafood all over the world for more than 19 years. General information: Export volume: We export over 10,000 tons of fresh fish and seafood annually. Export geography: we deliver products to 14 countries, providing our customers with access to a variety of fish and seafood on the global market. Product Quality: We are proud to offer high-quality products. All our fish undergo strict quality control at all stages of production and export to ensure the safety and freshness of each shipment. We strive for long-term partnerships with our customers, providing high-quality service and prompt order fulfillment. Social responsibility: Our company adheres to high standards in the field of sustainable fishing and responsible use of marine resources. We value and protect the environment by cooperating with manufacturers following the principles of sustainable development. By choosing US, you get access to high-quality fish products produced with care for customers and the environment. We guarantee your satisfaction and reliability in every delivery.
Frime Holding Company
In 1977, the family business Frime was created, whose activities were conducted in the oldest market in Barcelona - Boqueria. In 2015, on its basis, Frime Holding Company was created. Now Frime Holding Company includes: Coses de Casa Nostra, Frime, Frime3 and Espai Tonyina. The head office is in Spanish Arenys de Munt, there are also offices in Barcelona and Vigo. There are offices in other countries - in France and Portugal. Frime Holding Company exports its products to more than 25 countries of the world.

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