15 September 2021
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Спизула мактра живая

Logistics (Incoterms 2010)
EXW - warehouse Vladivostok (Russia)
Left in stock:
Production type
Cut type
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Price range
₽ 399.9/kg - ₽ 451.5/kg
Product Specification
Catching method
Caught (wild)
Storage conditions
от +2 до +6
FAO 61 (Pacific, Northwest)
Nutrition facts (per 100 g of product)
ККал - 77
Белки - 12,1 г
Жиры - 0,9 г
Углеводы - 4,8 г
Packing weight
Thermobox 28kg netto, 30kg brutto.
Only aerial delivery. FOB and CFR prices are to be discussed separately.

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