10 May 2023
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Skipjack WR, 0,5-1kg, 1/22kg, Grade A

Logistics (Incoterms 2010)
CFR - Port of loading (Oman)
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Production type
Cut type
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Price range
$ 2.34/kg - $ 2.86/kg
Product Specification
Catching method
Caught (wild)
Storage conditions
18С Minus
FAO 57 (Indian Ocean, Eastern)
Freezing process
Block quick frozen
Skipjack whole round
0.5 - 1kg
Packing weight
Carton box 0,7kg
Skipjack WR freezing during 2 hours after catching.

Quality of the fish Grade A.
Quality for food production.
The meat is dense, without loss of texture, histamine is less than 50 units.

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