15 September 2021
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"Romarinka" oyster (Pacific cupped/Emperor oyster hybrid)

Logistics (Incoterms 2010)
EXW - warehouse Vladivostok (Russia)
Left in stock:
Production type
Cut type
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Price range
$ 4.3/kg - $ 5.17/kg
Product Specification
Catching method
Caught (wild)
Storage conditions
Maintain below -18C
FAO 61 (Pacific, Northwest)
Nutrition facts (per 100 g of product)
KCal - 72
Protein - 9 g
Fat - 2 g
Carbohydrates - 4 g
Presentation mode and treatment
Packed in vacuum packs
Packing weight
1kg per pack
Price doesn't include delivery costs. FOB and CFR are to be discussed separately.
Discounts for 100kg+ purchase.

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