10 January 2021
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Dumplings with shrimps and mozzarella, frozen

Logistics (Incoterms 2010)
FOB - Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
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Production type
Cut type
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Price range
$ 0/kg - $ 0/kg
Product Specification
Catching method
Aquaculture / farmed (on earth)
Storage conditions
Store at -18 ° C for no more than 90 days
Dredges (Mechanised dredges including suction dredges)
peeled shrimp,
mozzarella cheese,
premium wheat flour,
drinking water,
chicken eggs,
refined deodorized sunflower oil,
oyster sauce,
table salt,
ground black pepper,
Nutrition facts (per 100 g of product)
Proteins - 10.9,
Fat - 1.5
Carbohydrates - 25.8,
Caloric value - 154/645 Kcal / kJ 9
Presentation mode and treatment
Individual pack
Packing weight
500g, individual pack

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