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17 September 2020

The final price depends on the basis of delivery and volumes.

Information on prices and volumes for the order is available only on request.

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EXW - Mercabarna (Spain, Catalonia)
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Product Specification

Catching method
Caught (wild)
Storage conditions
Conservar entre 0º y 3º C No volver a congelar. Una vez abierto consumir antes de 48 horas. Cocinar antes de consumir
Surrounding nets and lift nets (Boat operated lift nets)
FAO 77 (Pacific, Eastern Central)
Atún de aleta amarilla (>95%, pescado), sal, antioxidantes E331 y E301, corrector de acidez E500, aroma natural
Internal Name
Nutrition facts (per 100 g of product)
Valor energetico: 82 kcal (350 kJ)
Grasas: 0,11 g
de las cuales saturadas: 0,03 g
Hidratos de carbono: <1 g
de los cuales azúcares: <0,1 g
Proteinas: 19,9 g
Sal: 1 g
Presentation mode and treatment
Producto marinado descongelado envasado al vacío

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