How can I contact you to get more information?
- You can reach us using the cell-number +372 (63) 46152, E-mail info@yorso.com or join our official telegram channel https://t.me/yorso_news and group https://t.me/yorso

Where do all these products in your catalog come from?
- Real fish and seafood producers have already joined us and put their offers. Thus, all buyers get direct access to the root source of these offers and sellers to buyers. Join us, place your offers, order existing products or request for the new just not

How much should I pay to join you?
- Everyone one can use our service absolutely free. We take the commission fee for successfully delivered orders only. Thus, this is our direct interest to build the long term relationships and efficient cooperation. At the same time each our client doesn't hold any commercial risk from just using us

Do you help with paper work, customs and logistics?
- One of our significant advantage is that we not only provide online service but also the offline. We provide full complex support starting from product placement and search and ending up searching logistics, customs broker, document exchange and insurance.Thus, all our clients can choose which service package they need and which one fits their needs in the best way

Who is reponsible for low product quality or delivery delay?
- All claim cases are the part of the contract. Each suppliers on Yorso is being additionally checked for commercial history and product quality. Each order is assigned with personal manager who will guide you through all the steps. In case of impossibility to load the products or delays our team will immediately notify all the parts of the deal and possible ways to find out the solution: search for alternative product or cancel the order

Where are you located?
- Our main sales office is in Russia, Moscow. Our development office is in Innopolis city, Tatar republic. We also have sales representatives in Russian regions and foreign countries such as Marocco and Mauritania

How long do you do this business?
- Our employees work on this market for almost 12 years. Yorso project was founded in 2013 and launched in 2014

How do you differ from traders, importers and other competitors?
- We significantly reduce the number of intermediaries in the sales chain which gives additional profit for both producers and buyers. Moreover, we provide service automation for existing business processes which saves your time, money and helps to attract new clients

What is your primary goal?
 - We aim to make the international trading transparent and significantly reduce the complexity of import and export operations

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