Increase your wholesaling of fish and seafood products through our integrated online and offline promotion system

Get access to the sales platform for free

Blockchain based legally significant electronic document system with smart contracts

Database of 2500+ seafood wholesalers placing orders for over 10 tons

Convenient automated platform to advertise your products among the target audience.

How we could help you increase fish and seafood products sales

Customer database

Our platform features a large database of fish and seafood wholesale buyers in need of good offers on a daily bases

International market

At presest we work with 7 countries and are actively outreaching to business from other countries that could be interested in purchasing seafood via our platform

24/7 orders

The platform works 24/7, which will allow you to receive orders from other time zones and countries

Customer notifications

As soon as your product is placed at the platform, your target customers will obtain an instant notification

Product presentation

Publish data on your products, upload photos of the goods, describe shiping and financial detailes of the bargain

Work with customer requests

A large number of customers search for suppliers and create enquiries directly at the platform. What you need to do is only to voice your offer!

What Yorso brings to you

24/7 WEB-platform

Advertise your product, notify customers about new products and price changes. The platform is supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are ready to answer your questions any time.

Integrated promotion

Integrated promotion of your product at the market, helding meetings and negotiations with wholesale buyers. Other services boosting sales.

Sales and logistics

We undertake to manage logistics procedures as well as to assist in streamlining sales processes.

Safe transactions

We implement integrity check of all registered buyers.

Cutting transactional costs

We streamline and automate the key business process providing unique platform for cross-departmental interactions and documents storage.


All orders and finance transactions are insured on Yorso which brings additional level of safety

How market works now

Importer buys from the manufacturer

Purchase price 1$/kg

Shipping and customs clearance

Delivery by CFR SPB and customs $0,23

Markup for import and delivery to the buyer

The importer's income is 0.19$/kg. Delivery to the buyer 0,05$/kg.

Acceptance at the buyer's warehouse

The final price for the buyer is $1.47/kg

When working with us the buyers save up to 15% of the total transaction amount
Therefore it is more profitable for them to work with those who are represented on Yorso

What Yorso does?

  • We:
  • choose a trustworthy buyer
  • develop logistics scheme
  • ensure customs clearance
  • ensure full transparency of operations due to blockchain technology
  • allocate managers for transactions support

Your additional profit amounts to 3-10%

Receiving the goods at their destination

Few facts about us

12 years on b2b fish and seafood market, since 2014 - working on Yorso

More than 2500 b2b customers

Unlimited supply of products per month

We already work with 7 countries and new borders are being crossed

Increase your sales with Yorso intelligent marketing platform

Expand your business to new markets

Using new promotion techniques and Yorso AI platform will help you reach your target audience all over the world. Moreover due to shortening chain and reducing number of sales intermediaries you will obtain additional profit of 3-10%

Save time

We help you place your products at the marketplace, search for buyers, solve logistics and customs issues. It enables you to focus on your production business

Safe operations and verified buyers

Operations safety is Yorso highest priority. Therefore we implement credibility and business history check of our buyers

Deals transparency

Via Yorso system you could always monitor your order and related documents progress. Moreover you will have a personal manager to support your throughout the process

Safety of operations

All key finance and document transactions inside Yorso are held in blockchain. Thus, you always can be sure they will not be lost or changed, which boosts the level of trust between you, the platform and buyers
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