Yorso allows reducing transactional costs through automation by up to 30%

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Blockchain based legal electronic document exchange

Easy and intuitive search for a better product in 1 click worldwide

Only reliable and verified suppliers

Problems encountered in the seafood purchase

Difficult to find a suitable supplier

Selecting suppliers to fit ones needs is a time and money consuming process

Unreliable supplier

It is not easy to find a trustworthy partner to supply quality goods and meet deadlines

Margin of importer

Importers margin drives up prices


You need to develop a logistics scheme. Often, this task requires the creation of a department, which leads to significant costs

Document management

Each stage of the purchase requires the registration of documents, which takes a long time and delays the delivery time

Support and monitoring

Control and constant interaction with suppliers is required at all stages. There is a need to hire a manager

How we solve these problems

24/7 WEB-service

Our multi-functional platform enables you to see photos of product, read its detailed description, place an order, subscribe for a product and obtain notifications of its availability or arrival

Turnkey document management

We do all legally significant, electronic document circulation for you. We provide full offline support of logistic and customs procedures saving your time and money

Search in 1 click

The home page features a user-friendly search function: search for product and product category, which enables you to quickly find what you need without spending additional time

Reliable suppliers

We are focused on scrutinizing our suppliers network. We inspect every supplier and the quality of products manufactured at their production sites.

How market works now

Importer buys from the manufacturer

Purchase price 1$/kg

Shipping and customs clearance

Delivery by CFR St. Petersburg
and customs $0,23

Markup for import and delivery to the buyer

Importer income 0.19$/kg
Delivery to the buyer 0,05$/kg

Acceptance at the buyer's warehouse

Total price for
the buyer 1.47$/kg

Your benefits from working with us via Yorso

  • Scrutinize our suppliers
  • Prepare all necessary documents
  • Develop a logistics system
  • Do customs clearance
  • Allocate a manager for transaction support

Just select the product in the web-platform The manufacturer price is 1.03$/kg.
Yorso income + 0.03$/kg.

Receiving the goods at their destination The final price for the buyer is 1.34$/kg.

Few facts about us

We bring 12 years of successful experience at fish and seafood market. Yorso platform is being developed since 2014

More than 2500 b2b customers

Unlimited supply of products per month

We already work with 7 countries and new borders are being crossed

Discover the new procurement experience with Yorso

Safe operations and verified suppliers

Operations safety and product quality is Yorso highest priority. That's why we scrutinize our suppliers and review their activities, business background and verify that their products quality is in line with the specification. We mitigate risks associated with untrustworthy suppliers

Save time

Our managers will always help you to find the needed product. Moreover, we help to solve all international export-import issues with customs and logistics. So you can focus on your business

Save money

Our platform features a wide range of suppliers with best offers form over the world. In addition we significantly reduce the number of intermediaries in sales chain which will give you additional profit up to 10-20%

Deals transparency

The deals transparency is our major focus. You will always be aware of the events taking place on the Yorso system related to your order or documents. Using legal document exchange system your documents will be always available in our cloud archive. In addition we give you a personal manager who will be always in touch and in charge with all of your questions

Safety of operations

All key finance and document transactions inside Yorso are held in blockchain. Thus, you always can be sure they will not be lost or changed, which boosts the level of trust between you, the platform and suppliers
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