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Extra Pêche Marocaine
En el negocio desde 1995
We are the number one Moroccan specialist in processing and marketing high quality Fresh Fish; we supply; internationally, our products that suit the needs of our fish buyers in the EU (Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, and UK), Canada and Africa. Our products are strictly controlled by quality controlling systems such as: HACCP, IFS, BRC… and collected from our best supplier’s areas along Morocco. We export using license/certification from Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance N° 1393 & 1310, and we deliver based on CIF incoterm.
Vidinha Group
En el negocio desde 1995
At Vidinha Goup, we have been engaged in the industry and commerce of fishing products for more than 70 years. This experience allows us to offer the best wild fish from the Portuguese coasts, mainly from the archipelagos of Madeira, and Azores, characterized by freshness, incomparable flavors and a recognized quality - The best wild fish in the world.
Amrita Gourmet
En el negocio desde 1995
SeaFood d'Eden is the premier supplier of fine caviar, fresh fish, shellfish, and smoked seafood to home kitchens, restaurants and retail shops across the world. We love what we do. This is the kind of love and passion where success is never taken for granted, the kind of love and passion where you question yourself and your quality standards every day. In that time SeaFood d'Eden has developed an international reputation for sourcing only the finest caviars. Rest assured when you buy caviar online from SeaFood d'Eden that you know where the caviar has been sourced, and that it is of pristine quality and freshness.
Mariscos Campelo
En el negocio desde 1995
We are a wholesale company dedicated to the purchase and sale of seafood that has been operating successfully for more than 40 years in the distribution of fresh product with guarantees. Our company purifies high quality fresh seafood from local fish markets and rafts in Galicia and distributes throughout Spain and other parts of Europe. Our clients include wholesalers, distribution networks and international food chains.
Hana Seafood group
En el negocio desde 1995
Hana Seafood Trading is a young company working with an entrepreneurial spirit, respect and unity.
With managing a talented and experienced sales force and deploying wise strategies, we are committed to become the most efficient and recognized supplier of crab, shrimp, fish and other seafood species, fresh and frozen, with the highest quality within the Middle East.
En el negocio desde 1995
Beltran Adell es una empresa fundada en 1978, de carácter íntegramente familiar y dedicada a la elaboración y comercialización de productos del mar tanto frescos como congelados. Estamos avalados en este trabajo por nuestra larga experiencia en el sector y por una amplia cartera de clientes a nivel nacional, europeo y mundial. Estamos siempre comprometidos a ofrecer a nuestros clientes la mejor calidad garantizando el suministro y la competitividad de nuestros productos en el mercado. De este modo conseguimos suministrar, a diario, a clientes y grandes superficies nacionales y europeas. Contamos con un grupo de personas altamente experimentado y profesional que se encarga, directamente, desde la compra en las lonjas hasta la clasificación, formateado y distribución de todos nuestros productos pasando por un exigente control de calidad. Esto permite a nuestros clientes disponer a diario de una amplia oferta de productos con muy pocas horas de captura. Compramos directamente en las principales lonjas pesqueras, lo que nos permite recepcionar a diario, en nuestras instalaciones, una gran variedad de especies de gran calidad e inmejorable frescura. Ofrecemos productos elaborados buscando, constantemente, nuevas formas de presentación y tratamiento con las que poder conseguir un producto final en línea con las necesidades del mercado.
Easyfish Group is an international group of companies specialized in seafood markets and raw materials for processing industry.
"Akvaferma" - a modern, dynamically developing fish farms specialized in the cultivation of sturgeon. We breed the fish of the highest quality standards, using only European food premium for crystal-clear water in which they live sturgeon throughout the year, due to the use of high-tech automatic cleaning systems. The fish farm was established in 2017, but today the company already has all the necessary permits for the cultivation and sale of fish, and has begun supplying the products to shops and restaurants throughout North-West Russia.
The company was founded in August 2007. The main activity is the export of fish products. HACCP FDA certificate, ISO 22000. Experience in export deliveries for over 14 years to different countries of the world. Well-developed logistics in the ports of Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg.
Our offices are located on the Isla Cristina fish market (Huelva), one of the main fishing ports worldwide, from where we access the auction of the best fish and seafood from the Gulf of Cadiz and other fish markets in Portugal every day. Our extensive experience allows us to present the highest quality and regularity in the supply of the best fish and shellfish on the coast. The absence of intermediaries in the purchasing and distribution process means that we can offer them at the best price. We actively collaborate with other companies in our group that are located in other Andalusian ports, such as Cadiz or Ayamonte, and in the main ports of our neighboring country Portugal. As a result of this collaboration, we can source the best products that the sea offers us, distributing them directly to our clients, hotels and restaurants throughout Spain. We also have a wide network of international collaborators spread over different parts of Europe, America and Asia, even having relationships with the United Arab Emirates. This allows us to be able to supply ourselves with all that product demanded by hotels and restaurants that are in the markets of these countries. We are not only specialized in wild products, we have agreements with mollusk boats, which supply us with the best shells, razor clams, chirla, fine clams,…. Products highly demanded by some of our clients for their unbeatable value for money. We work every day to bring the best seafood products to catering professionals, so that they only worry about preparing them and offering their guests the most exquisite dishes with the maximum guarantee of quality.
"Belokamenka-fish" LLC
Our fishing company was founded in 1926 in the village of Belokamenka and has been a supplier of export products since 2007. We are one of the oldest fish companies in Murmansk. Our company guarantees customers confidence in the quality of our products and the experience of the manufacturer, at all times. The hundreds of leading companies and thousands of successful commercial structures trust us. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are the leading and the most demanded wholesaler of cod from Russian Arctic for all the world. If you need high-quality fish products, with the best prices - you can safely rely on us. Nowadays our company is firmly established itself at the market space and it supplies the freshest frozen northern cod and haddock not only in Russia but also in Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, Spain and many other friendly countries.
PT Catur Elang Perkasa
C-Fishery provide fresh and frozen seafood products worldwide. We have been supplying quality seafood products for the international market for years. We deliver our services and products to our customers in the following food sectors: manufacturers, commodity wholesalers, and foodservice distributors. We offer all of our professional services with competitive pricing in every aspect of your business, including our packaging, quality control, documentation, logistics and customer service.
ООО "Северная креветка"
Severnaya Krevetka LLC (OOO) was founded in March 2018. The company's production facilities are located on an area of ​​4500 square meters at the address: Leningrad Region, Tosnensky District, Telmana settlement. The company was founded on the basis of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and is a unique high-tech production of heat-loving marine shrimp Litopenaeus Vannamei, developed and implemented in accordance with international practices. The shrimp are raised in aquaculture recycling systems using natural feed without growth hormones, dyes and antibiotics. Shrimps naturally acquire their market weight. From 2018 to the present, Severnaya Krevetka LLC has been implementing the first stage of the project - the creation of a fish farm with a capacity of 200 tons of fresh seafood per year (an approximate estimate of the potential volume of the live shrimp market in St. Petersburg is 500 tons per year). The term of reaching the design capacity is 2022–2023. The approximate total investment in the project is 600 million rubles.
sweet water kingdom
The sweet water kingdom is a family company which started by first rainbow trout aquaculture in 1996 . Since 1996 family professionally focused on development expansion . Right now on 2020 family owns 15 rainbow trout farms , 2 sturgeon aquaculture and 3 vannamie shrimp aquaculture which located all around Iran . From 1996 all our focus was on investing and researching on aquaculture science to improve our quality on this industry . On that way right now in 2020 two of our rainbow trout farms equipped with hatchery which working on producing rainbow trout X,X eyed eggs . In this professional we are the first Iranian farmer that can produce X,X eyed eggs out of spawning season. Our hatchery farms producing 100 millions X,X eyed eggs annually which supporting our owns farms plus 100 aquaculture in all around Iran. Since 2019 family by establishing SWEET WATER KINGDOM decided to enter into international markets. The sweet water kingdom is managing by the chairman Mohammad Amin Siyahmard .
JMJ Exports
JMJ is a specialized “Seafood Processor and Exporter” over the last two decades into primary value addition of kitchen ready products for the “European Markets” as in processed Fillets; Steaks and Portions - making it convenient and easy to cook; without any kitchen mess; smell; kitchen waste and disposal of waste etc., making cooking a pleasure and an experience to savor; not a task or challenge; all of our products are processed under international standard approved and certified facilities backed by international certifications and standards maintained and monitored by MPEDA (Marine Product Export Promotion Development Authority) and EIA (Export Inspection Authority of India) governed by EIC (Export Inspection Council of India) - dealing strictly with only sustainable species of seafood.
Medstromfisk Ab
We Supply the finest quality live, chilled, fresh and frozen Norwegian Seafood Products such as Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua), Saithe fish Coalfish (Pollachius virens), Queen scallop (Chlamys), Capelin fish (Mallotus villosus), Atlantic Trout Frozen, Live King Crab Monkfish, Anglerfish, Skate (Rajidae spp), Tusk, cusk (Brosme brosme), Redfish (Sebastes marinus/Sebastes), Sea Urchin, Deepwater Norwegian Prawn, Red Shrimp, Live Norway Lobsters (Nephrops norvegicus), Haddock fish (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides), Cod Fish Maw, Hake Fish, (Metacarcinus magister), Brown Crab, and many others.We partner with some Norwegian companies thereby enhancing our manufacturing distribution of seafood products
Interpesca Galaica Global S.L.
En el negocio desde 1995 http://WWW.INTERPESCA.ES
Trading Company "Kamchatskiy Meridian", LLC
En el negocio desde 1995
Kamchatsky Meridian is a wholesale seafood company based in Vladivostok, Russia. The company was established by industry professionals with decades of experience in seafood production and distribution.We specialize in wild-caught seafood processed in shoreside processing plants in Kamchatka. Having long-term relationships with many fishing companies and coastal factories allows us to offer a diverse range of top quality frozen seafood.
En el negocio desde 1995
РО коренных малочисленных народов «ЯНУТ» «Быть первым» является рыбодобывающим и рыбоперерабатывающим предприятием лососевых видов рыб и белорыбицы (Корюшка). Район промысла осуществляется на Восточном побережье Камчатки. Рыбообрабатывающий завод выпускает пищевую рыбную продукцию под фирменным наименованием ИстКамРы-бА (eastkamfish). Производительность предприятия 250-400 тонн готовой продукции за сезон путины. Контроль качества осуществляется на всех этапах добычи и переработки. В продуктовой линейке бренда ИстКамРы-бА (eastkamfish) представлено, на настоящий момент, 10 наименований рыбной продукции. После завершения строительства новых производ-ственных мощностей увеличится, как линейка выпускаемой продукции, так и объемы переработки.
Gidney Fisheries Limited
After settling on Digby Neck in the late 1700s, my father's grandfather, Sam Gidney, began to purchase lobsters in Mink Cove in Novia Scotia. As this was before the benefits of modern infrastructure, the lobsters he purchased from local fishermen were exported weekly to Boston via steamship, and from there made their way around the world. Since then we have continued to build up our reputation through four generations as experts in the lobster business. Today, Gidney Fisheries Limited continues to procure, select, process and deliver the best quality lobsters harvested from the rich fishing grounds of Bay of Fundy, Saint Mary's Bay and Southwestern Nova Scotia. While we have the benefit of advanced logistics to guarantee improved quality, we still operate in the same original way by buying our lobsters locally directly from fishermen, we grade by hand to meet the highest of standards and process them in our modern facilities. In addition to maintaining our positive reputation with customers worldwide, we are equally proud of the long-standing relationships we have cultivated with the lobster fishermen of the ports of Digby Neck. These relationships allow us to source a consistent supply of lobster from people who are passionate about fishing, who care about the quality and sustainability of their harvest and take pride in their work. As is the case with our own family, many of the families operating in this fishery are in their fourth generation. As we have depended on this fishery for more than 125 years, maintaining the community's health and sustainability is of paramount importance to us. It is on the basis of hard work, integrity, trust, and a devotion to quality seafood products that have brought us our long-term success.
ООО Эдельвейс
En el negocio desde 1995
Компания Эдельвейс уже более 20 лет радует своих дорогих клиентов по всей России дальневосточной рыбой.Мы являемся одними из лидеров по оптовой торговле свежемороженой рыбой по всему Дальнему Востоку. Почему наши клиенты столько лет работают с нами? Ответ простой.Мы даем клиенту: - идеальное качество рыбы - широкий ассортимент - лучшие цены - индивидуальные условия сотрудничества - умиротворение,что на Дальнем Востоке у вас надежный партнер.
En el negocio desde 2016
YORSO - cloud and mobile trading solution for fish and seafood
IE Sharpinskaya Olga Vladimirovna
Fish processing company Individual entrepreneur Sharpinskaya Olga Vladimirovna is located in Angarsk city, Irkutsk region. It was founded in 2002. It produces a wide range of fish products. The company sells fish products to wholesale companies, distributors, retailers, companies of HoReCa segment. The company's products are represented in the markets of Irkutsk region, Transbaikal region, Republic of Buryatia, Mongolia and China. The company participates in various national competitions and exhibitions and has awards: "Golden Autumn - 2017" - two silver medals, one gold medal, "Exporter of the Year - 2019" - first place in the Siberian Federal District.
Сытый Дом ООО
En el negocio desde 1995
Компания ООО «Сытый Дом», предыдущее название ООО "Лавка рыбака" создана в 2016 году и уже на протяжении более 4 -х лет является надежным поставщиком российского ассортимента свежемороженой рыбы и морепродуктов. За короткий срок нам удалось добиться заслуженного признания своей деятельности, благодаря ответственному подходу к обязательствам перед партнерами, соблюдению деловой этики и профессионализму наших сотрудников. Контракты, заключенные с крупными рыбодобывающими компаниями России, позволяют нам гарантировать неукоснительное соблюдение качества продукции, норм транспортировки, хранения и реализации товара, поддержание актуального ассортимента в наличии. Вся продукция проходит необходимый контроль качества и сопровождается документацией, которая подтверждает соответствие всем санитарно- ветеринарным требованиям. Нами сформированы основные принципы работы, основанные на понимании потребностей наших партнеров и гарантирующие взаимовыгодное сотрудничество. Вместительные складские мощности, оборудованные по последнему слову техники, позволяют нам оперировать крупными партиями товара и обеспечивать потребности в поставках в различных каналах сбыта и в требуемом объеме. На сегодняшний день, клиентами ООО «Сытый Дом» являются производственные компании, оптовые компании, торговые сети. Также у компании существует свой собственный интернет магазин по доставке рыбы и морепродуктов в г. Санкт-Петербург и Ленинградской области: В рамках современной конкурентной среды рынка оптовых поставщиков, специалисты компании проводят детальный анализ и наблюдают за динамикой ценообразования с целью формирования привлекательной стоимости товара для наших контрагентов. Залог успешных взаимоотношений с партнерами по бизнесу – ответственность. Мы всегда выполняем свои обещания и стремимся соответствовать требованиям и запросам наших клиентов.
Omega Azul Seafood
En el negocio desde 2000
Omega Azul produce la especie de jurel Seriola rivoliana a través de la acuicultura de ciclo de vida cerrado utilizando su propia instalación de laboratiorio y concesiones oceánicas. La Sociedad ha pasado más de 15 años dominando la producción de su pescado y está comprometida con la producción de un producto ultra-premium mientras que también opera de una manera ecológicamente sostenible. Omega Azul asegura que sus peces tengan espacio para nadar y se alimentan de la más alta calidad. La Sociedad cree que la acuicultura de ciclo de vida cerrado gestionada de manera sostenible tiene el potencial de reducir la sobreexplotación de los océanos del mundo, al mismo tiempo que tiene el potencial de resolver la creciente brecha de proteínas. La oficina central, Laboratorio, y Granja Oceánica se encuentran en La Paz, Baja California Sur, México. Omega Azul vende su producto a nivel nacional en México y también exporta a Estados Unidos y Canadá.
ROK1 Group
Founded in St. Petersburg more than 40 years ago, ROK-1 Group is now one of the leaders in the country's fish-processing industry. Our holding, which has more than 2000 employees, has production capacities that allow it to produce more than 60 thousand tons of products annually. We can really be proud of ourselves, because we managed to combine many years of experience and innovative approach - our company is a system of carefully built, debugged production areas, producing 14 different product categories (more than 400 items), which can be found in both large and small cities of Russia. We know that the present success is possible only at a combination of many factors - such as daily attention to details at each stage of manufacture, a quality assurance, care of the personnel, understanding of the purposes and company problems, the thoughtful relation to consumers. We believe that a positive climate is important for the development of any business, and we build friendly, honest and stable relationships with partners. We are professionals, we know how to do our business and believe that our products are a special treat that brings joy. We want to share this joy with you, your family and friends. Every day we work to make your fish table tasty, healthy and varied!

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