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Acerca del proveedor

Sirena Group was founded in 1985 and is today one of the world’s strongest suppliers of frozen seafood.

Sirena’s headquarter is based in Denmark, and we have offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Canada, United States and China. Sirena have some of the longest-standing strategic partnerships with frozen-at-sea fishing vessels and processing plants all over the world. Our strong supply access enables us to provide our clients with stable deliveries from a wide assortment of the most exclusive seafood.

Our fishing and production processes take place on highly modern trawlers and vessels. Immediately after the catch, the seafood is processed, packed and frozen to -21°C. It is then stored on board the fishing vessels until discharge. We have implemented a Quality Control programme (QC) in all our plants with specific microbiology and cleaning tests, performed by the in-house QC staff. The QC programme includes supervising the thawing of fish, checking the quality of the raw material, and supervising production and loading. We only work with plants that are EU and HACCP approved and certified by one or more of the following: MSC, BRC and IFS.

All seafood products are also tested by our local QC staff in an external laboratory, both before and after processing. This ensures that our own quality and microbiology standards are strictly adhered to. When the tests are completed and results have been approved by the laboratory, the products are ready to be shipped.

Our in-house logistics team takes over and ensures that all the required documents are issued for the customer. Transports are followed closely by our logistics team until they arrive safely at their destination.
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Especies de pescado y marisco

Sirena has unique access to considerable quantities of high-quality seafood products. Our product range consist of Cold-Water Shrimp, Greenland Halibut, Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Perch, Pike-Perch, Pink Salmon, Scallops, Snow-Crab & Lobster.

We specialize in delivering 100% natural products, free from additives, and we are able to guarantee our customers a consistent, stable supply.

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