ROK1 Group
En el negocio desde 1974
Founded in St. Petersburg more than 40 years ago, ROK-1 Group is now one of the leaders in the country's fish-processing industry. Our holding, which has more than 2000 employees, has production capacities that allow it to produce more than 60 thousand tons of products annually. We can really be proud of ourselves, because we managed to combine many years of experience and innovative approach - our company is a system of carefully built, debugged production areas, producing 14 different product categories (more than 400 items), which can be found in both large and small cities of Russia. We know that the present success is possible only at a combination of many factors - such as daily attention to details at each stage of manufacture, a quality assurance, care of the personnel, understanding of the purposes and company problems, the thoughtful relation to consumers. We believe that a positive climate is important for the development of any business, and we build friendly, honest and stable relationships with partners. We are professionals, we know how to do our business and believe that our products are a special treat that brings joy. We want to share this joy with you, your family and friends. Every day we work to make your fish table tasty, healthy and varied!
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