Acerca del proveedor

The family company RK Premium has been producing and selling fish since 1997. The office and warehouse is located in the city of Samara, the production is located in the city of Chapayevsk, the Samara region. The company specializes in making steaks and fillets from sea and river fish, but also sells whole fish.

The company sells its products to wholesale companies, distributors, retailers, HoReCa companies, processing companies.
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Especies de pescado y marisco

RK Premium sells steaks, fillets and whole fish. Steaks are made from salmon, trout, silver salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon, pollock, Atlantic cod, variegated catfish, blue catfish, flounder, haddock, burbot, catfish and carp. Fillet made from carp, coho, cod, catfish, pike, pink salmon, pollock, tilapia and pangasius. Pollock, chum salmon, herring, char, capelin, coho salmon are sold whole.

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