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Acerca del proveedor

Mamonovskiy rybokonservnyy kombinat is located in the city of Mamonovo, Kaliningrad region. The company was founded in 1949. The plant is engaged in processing of fresh and frozen fish, the production of fish canned food. Productivity: 7 million cans of canned food per month.

Mamonovskiy rybokonservnyy kombinat sells products to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, catering. Buyers have the opportunity to order products under their own brand.
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Especies de pescado y marisco

Mamonovskiy rybokonservnyy kombinat produces canned food of 4 types: natural, in oil, in tomato sauce and in tomato sauce with vegetable garnish. For the manufacture of canned food is used: saury, sardine, sardinella, mackerel, sprat, tuna and fish of the salmon family.

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