Auxis thazard (Melva) Proveedores

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Zhoushan Boda Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.
En el negocio desde 2014
Company has been representing the finest frozen at sea Pacific mackerel, and horse mackerel for over 20 years. Our commitment to quality fish product is backed by the factory′s convient location to the nearest fishing ground in China East Sea, state of art freezing/frozen storage facilities and a highly efficient team of customer-oriented management and experienced workers. Collaboration with fishing consortium and fishmen allows us to supply premium quality fish products to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. As always, we will expect your inquiry and preferably a visit to our factory in Zhoushan.
Aloar trademark
En el negocio desde 2022
Fish and seafood wholesale Our trademark is the provision of online service for customers and the ability to buy at a convenient time and anywhere.
En el negocio desde 2016
YORSO - cloud and mobile trading solution for fish and seafood
Jun Yue Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.
Jun Yue Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. / Join-fish International Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang Province, China. The company produces and exports frozen fish. Processing fish occurs in its own factory. The company operates on the HACCP system. Capacity: processing 260 tons of raw fish per day. Storage capacity: up to 14,000 tons of finished products.
Fish International Sourcing House
International group of companies F.I.S.H. (Fish International Sourcing House) is a wide network of fish and seafood companies from all over the world. The head office is located in Singapore. There are also offices and processing plants in Brunei, China, Dubai, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. F.I.S.H. supplies products to the markets of the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia, South America, the Middle East and East Asia.
Taizhou Hongye Foods Co. Ltd.
Taizhou Hongye Foods Co., Ltd is engaged in the export of fish and seafood. The office is located in Taizhou, China. Products are exported to Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
BH Global Enterprise Co., Ltd
BH Global Enterprise Co., Ltd is a major producer of fish and seafood. The head office is located in Taiwan, processing plants are located in Taiwan and China. Main activities: - production and sale of canned products and semi-finished products. - supply of frozen fish and seafood for retail chains. - selling fish and seafood as bait for farms. BH Global Enterprise works with companies from Asia, Europe, Russia, America and Australia.
Cepromar S.A.
En el negocio desde 1995
Cepromar S.A. trabaja desde 1983. La oficina central y la producción están ubicadas en Ecuador y también hay una sucursal en los Estados Unidos. La empresa se dedica a la extracción, procesamiento y exportación de pescado y mariscos. Los principales mercados son Estados Unidos, Europa, Rusia y China. La compañía también exporta sus productos a países de Asia y África.
Promarosa Cia. Ltda
La empresa ecuatoriana Promarosa (“Productos del Mar Santa Rosa”) ha estado produciendo pescados y mariscos por más de 20 años. La oficina central está ubicada en Guayaquil, una planta de procesamiento en Salinas. La compañía exporta productos a Estados Unidos, Europa oriental y occidental, y América del Sur y Central.

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