LLC «Fish Manufactories Murmansk»
En el negocio desde 1995
Fish Manufactories Murmansk / Russian cod LLC is a fish processing factory, belongs to AGAMA group of companies. We have been in seafood and retail business for more than 20 years already offering high quality fish and seafood products. Agama has grown from a distributor of frozen food into a group of companies developing its own brands and comprising seven businesses. Our fishing processing capacity locates in Murmansk, in the North of Russia. The plant is operating all year round. The location, directly near the fishing ground allows us to process just caught chilled raw material as well as a good quality frozen one, when it is needed due to stormy and snowy weather conditions. The plant project was made by Icelandic company Marel. The processing is equipped with modern fully automated lines giving the possibility to follow customer specifications and offer high quality products in bulk as well as different types of packing, including IVP, brand boxes, printed bags and etc.
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