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Acerca del proveedor

We are a salmon company with our feet on the ground and we say it with pride, because the land has taught us to grow trout in the sea.
In the field we learned to relate to living beings, and we understood that working with nature is a high risk activity, which requires dedication, effort, and most importantly, patience.
Our experience tell us that, in this area, there are no shortcuts and that the only secret to ensure the quality of our products, is to focus on appladuing the task well done.
Thus, with humility and effort, more than 30 years ago Caleta Bay was born, a family business where we work every day to gain the recognition of our clients, the affection of our workers and the respect of our communities.
Nowadays we are fully vertical integrated in all the production process. We produce around 25.000 WFE trout every year.
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Especies de pescado y marisco

Our products are of the highest quality as a consecuence of the 100% control process of all the chain, starting from our own genetic laboratory, facilities in fresh and sea water, processing plants, cold storage and the direct relation with our customers all around the world.

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