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Our fishing company was founded in 1926 in the village of Belokamenka and has been a supplier of export products since 2007. We are one of the oldest fish companies in Murmansk. Our company guarantees customers confidence in the quality of our products and the experience of the manufacturer, at all times.

The hundreds of leading companies and thousands of successful commercial structures trust us. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are the leading and the most demanded wholesaler of cod from Russian Arctic for all the world. If you need high-quality fish products, with the best prices - you can safely rely on us.
Nowadays our company is firmly established itself at the market space and it supplies the freshest frozen northern cod and haddock not only in Russia but also in Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, Spain and many other friendly countries.
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Especies de pescado y marisco

We offer an amazing range of fresh frozen products from the best cod fish species. Selling it in small and large wholesale. Successfully cooperating with the HoReCa segment of the highest standards.

We select the best raw materials for our factory thanks to our own fishing vessels. Our ships are equipped with all the essentials so that we can always catch enough fish. We can always satisfy the constantly growing demand for our products, meeting all European standards.

The EU BELOKAMENKA © 04L - is a guarantee of high-quality and modern production, which we constantly confirm. Our company is equipped with modern equipment of the leading brands "Marel" and "Baader", providing the highest quality and a wide range of finished products.

Compliance with European standards of quality and sustainable fishing - MSC Certified Number: MSC-C-56395 - allows us to carry out an uninterrupted supply, the highest quality, both domestically and in foreign countries, and expanding cooperation with Europe.

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