Acerca del proveedor

"Akvaferma" - a modern, dynamically developing fish farms specialized in the cultivation of sturgeon. We breed the fish of the highest quality standards, using only European food premium for crystal-clear water in which they live sturgeon throughout the year, due to the use of high-tech automatic cleaning systems.

The fish farm was established in 2017, but today the company already has all the necessary permits for the cultivation and sale of fish, and has begun supplying the products to shops and restaurants throughout North-West Russia.

Especies de pescado y marisco

We guarantee the great taste of our sturgeon.

To appreciate the benefits of fresh, properly grown fish, it is not at all necessary to cook it. You can try it by purchasing our sturgeon balyk. We offer our clients hot and cold smoked sturgeon, prepared according to traditional Russian recipes, which can amaze even a sophisticated connoisseur with its richness of taste and aroma
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