Acerca del proveedor

The group of companies Agama was founded in 1998. And began activities as a distributor of frozen products, but now the company is developing its own brands and combines seven businesses.

The group of companies Agama includes:

Agama Istra company that implements its brands in retail.
Agama Foodservice works with the owners of the restaurant business.
Fish Manufactory number 1 - fish shops near the house.
Agama Royal Greenland is a shrimp and seafood processing plant.
Murmansk Fish Manufactories is a coastal cod processing plant.
Agama Logistic deals with storage and transportation.
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Especies de pescado y marisco

In the assortment of Agama more than 250 types of products from Russian and foreign brands.

First of all, the company is focused on the sale of its own brand products - Agama and "Bukhta Izobiliya". Under the brand there are: pangasius fillet, grenadier fillet, chum fillet, pollock fillet, sea bass fillet, hake fillet, salmon fillet, tuna fillet, haddock fillet, perch fillet, mussel meat, squid carcass, squid rings, salmon steaks, cod loin, mussels in cusps, scallops, shrimps, etc.

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