Sturgeon cold smoked piece packed under vacuum

6 Abril 2021
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Basis (Incoterms 2010)
FCA - Delivery to the client by agreement (Russia, Астраханская Область)
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Ficha Tecnica de Producto

Método de captura
Acuicultura / cultivo (en la tierra)
От -4С до 0С
Fecha de caducidad
Nasas y trampas (Nasas (trampas))
FAO 4 (Asia - Aguas continentales)
Рыба Осетр. Соль пищевая поваренная.
Información nutricional (por 100 g de producto)
Калорийность 173 кКал
Белки 31.2 г
Жиры 4.4 г
Вода 62.5 г
Presentación y tratamiento
The product is ready to use
Fecha de producción / captura
15 кг+
País de origen
Peso del embalaje
300 гр

Additional Specification


Sturgeon is a piece of cold smoked, vacuum packed. Shelf life 3 months at a storage temperature of -4C to 0C. Box 5 kg. Minimum lot from 1 ton. Air delivery. We discuss prices upon request from the client. We will produce under the order of the client. The lead time is three weeks

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