Cobia - Whole Round, Gilled and Gutted, Headed and Gutted, Fillets Vacuum packed and portions vacuum packed.

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19 Enero 2021

The final price depends on the basis of delivery and volumes.

Information on prices and volumes for the order is available only on request.

Select basis based on Incoterms 2010
CFR - EU Air Ports (La Unión Europea)
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JMJ Exports

26 years
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Ficha Tecnica de Producto

Método de captura
Maintain below 2 degree Celsius.
Sedales y anzuelos (Líneas de mano y líneas de caña (manuales))
FAO 51 (Océano Índico, occidental)
Presentación y tratamiento
Whole Round, Gilled and Gutted, Headed and Gutted, Fillets and portions vacuum packed.
2 to 6Kgs
País de origen

Additional Specification


Fresh chilled - Normal and vacuum packed as WR, GG, HG, Fillets, Steaks and Portions.

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