New customers - it is always a quick way to increase sales, or is there a faster way?

YORSO provides a venue for establishing sustainable relations with a customer at the local international fish and marine products market.

For suppliers, YORSO secures: goods promotion at the international market, online tools for current customers service, and a simple ordering system.

What concerns buyers, we solve the main task: help buy the necessary goods rapidly and at a price lower than the average market one.

“Finding new leads will solve all the company's issues”, the majority of sales heads and managers think. At that, a lot of managers neglect an important aspect. A company has been working for a long time and conducted meetings with a lot of potential customers, yet it fails to establish business relations with customers for certain reasons.

“Cold” database you maintained and interacted with demands moderate funds to set up. However, it comprises the grateful and relevant audience already familiar with you. And the main thing – sales departments will be able to extend the customer base. In 2020, fish companies lost 30 to 60 % of buyers. Regular work with the cold customer base demands low expenses and provides an efficient company sales growth tool. Thus, the customer base is extended.

What is the best way to optimize “cold” database setup?

  1. Gather contacts from notebooks, EXCEL files, 1С or other ERP systems which are or were used;
  2. Create a document with all the gathered contacts and upload it to YORSO CRM. We will help you at this stage;
  3. Allocate contacts to employees and start working via telephone, email, social networks or meetings in person;
  4. CRM will demonstrate the results and employees' activity.

This is a cheap and rational method considering the current market conditions.

Now companies need to reconsider their customer services. A lot of enterprises used a notion of “customer profile” – positioning of buyers depending on the interest of interaction with them. Some companies clearly understand that selling 40 kilograms and 15 tons takes different amount of effort. Thus, in some cases firms refuse small orders as the cost of customer service exceeds the time expenditures of the sales manager. Let us call them “non-profile” customers. However, sales can still be increased with the help of such customers.

YORSO service offers the following option for this opportunity:

  • Fast and high-quality presentation of the goods at the international and local markets, including non-profile companies, and receiving their orders;
  • Using YORSO platform, the customer may open the page of the goods supplied by specific suppliers, with description, price, specification and photos of the goods;
  • Email marketing – YORSO makes commercial offers automatic;
  • Each customer will receive an up-to-date product digest after the updates of the goods range;
  • 6,500 new customers will see your products.

You can spare time and proceed directly to negotiations. Only delivery details and prices need to be agreed.

YORSO allows taking and processing orders 24/7. Suppliers may adjust the goods amount and price at any time and in any country. Customers get goods update notifications. If the customer is interested, he or she may book the necessary amount of the goods and negotiate the deal with the sales manager.

One only needs to make a request in mobile app, in a telephone call to operator or in WhatsApp.

It makes work with non-profile customers faster and more profitable. The customer only needs to book the goods regardless of the volume at the website or in YORSO mobile app, and the supplier will confirm the order and deliver it.

YORSO allows arranging the process for a smaller amount than it would take to hire new employees, train and supervise them.

It will take any company a few days to optimize work with non-profile customers, while the results of such work will be tangible for a long time.

Register at YORSO, create your own catalog or goods, work with “non-profile” customers and increase the sales volumes.

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