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тунец замороженный

Tuna HGT, 150+, frozen, 1/10

Tuna HGT, 150+, frozen, 1/10

Type: Fresh-frozen, frozen
Category: Fish
Subcategory: Tuna

Country of origin: China
Size range: 150+

Basis place:
CFR port Saint-Petersburg/Kaliningrad/Novorossiysk, Russia
CFR port Novorossiysk
CFR port Odessa
CFR port Burgas, Varna - Bulgaria
CFR port Costanta, Romania
CFR port Klaypeda
CFR port Riga

Production: China
Latin name: Auxis Thazard, Auxis Rochei
The average size: 168 - 174 gr
Production date : April 2017.
Pack Weight: Fix Weight 1/10
Type of freezing: Block, 1*10kg.
Glazing: 5%
Type of cutting: HGT

Minimum Delivery Amount: 25ton - 40 feet container,
Delivery time: 32 - 34 days
Payment terms: Prepayment 30%, and 70% - during 10 days before the arrival of a container at the port of destination
The international contract


Total quantity: t

Minimum lot size: t

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