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рыба горбуша

Salmon straight.in its own juice

Salmon straight.in its own juice

Type: Canned
Category: Canned
Subcategory: Pink Salmon

Country of origin: Russia
Size range: 245 g

Basis place:
EXW storege Poronaysk, Russia

GOST 32156-2013
The PRODUCT is READY TO EAT ingredients: fish, salt
Food and energy value:
100 g of product contain:
protein – 21 g fat – 6 g
The calories 138 kcal/577кдж
Vitamins: B1 0.03 mg, B2 0.14 mg, the RR was 2.8 mg shelf Life and shelf life 24 months
from date of manufacture at a temperature of
from 0 to +20 C and relative
air humidity not more than 75%
Net weight 245


Total quantity: pcs

Minimum lot size: pcs

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