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Saury, cm, HP, 300-600, 1/20

Minimum lot size:
Total quantity:
Production: Mauritania
Lat. name:Plectorhynchus mediterraneus
Average size: 389 - 511 gr.
Date of catch: Aug 2017.
Tare weight: fixed weight boxes of 20kg.
Type of freezing: Block, inline styling. In the box 2 unit of 10kg.
Glazing: 3%
Type of cutting: uncut
Delivery time: 16-21 day
Calculation rules: the Bill is in EURO.
Payment is made by the buyer at the rate of CB RF on the day of payment.
Prepayment 30% of the cost of goods, 70% upon receipt the copy of bill of lading.

Saury Caught in the Atlantic ocean, is a very good dining fish, from which it is possible to prepare any of the first and second dishes. The meat is bright, with dark streaks on the surface, as do sturgeons, very delicious; of heads obtained wonderful transparent broth.

Type: Fresh-frozen, frozen
Category: Fish
Subcategory: Rubberlip grunt (Burro)
Country of origin: Mauritania
Size range: 300-600
Basis place: CFR port Saint-Petersburg/Kaliningrad/Novorossiysk, Russia
CFR port Odessa, Ukraine
CFR port Istanbul/Izmir - Turkey
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