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Dashing cm, HP, 200-700, block, 1/20

Minimum lot size:
Total quantity:
Production: Mauritania
Lat. name:Lichia amia
Average size: 800 - 1300 gr.
Date of catch: July, 2015
Tare weight: fixed weight boxes of 20kg.
Type of freezing: Block, inline styling. In the box 2 unit of 10kg.
Glazing: 3%
Type of cutting: uncut
Delivery time: 35 day
Prepayment 30% of the cost of goods, 70% within 5 days after receiving the copy of bill of lading.
Imported contract.
Payment by letter of Credit (covered, not revocable).

Payment by letter of Credit (covered, not revocable).

The vendor provides a package of documents:


- Paking-sheet;

- International veterinary certificate

- Form A;

- Price list Supplier;

- Specification to delivery;

Type: Fresh-frozen, frozen
Category: Fish
Subcategory: Lichia
Country of origin: Mauritania
Size range: 200-700
Basis place: CFR port Saint-Petersburg/Kaliningrad/Novorossiysk, Russia
CFR port Odessa, Ukraine
CFR port of Poti, Georgia
CFR port Klaipeda, Lithuania
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